Santa was busy Gifting iPads this Christmas – iPad Activations Grew 230% this Holiday

santa-ipadEvery year, Flurry Analytics measures the number of new activations of mobile devices across the US. For the past three years, Amazon has taken the lead exponentially, showing that the Kindle line of tablets is the most popular Christmas gift of all tablets researched. However, Flurry’s report also shows that the gap is shrinking.

There were 24 times more activations of new Kindles this Christmas, but three years ago there were 41 times more. Plus, Amazon wins for number of activations on Christmas day, but the report still shows that Apple now has more than twice as many iOS users as it did before Christmas, which is significantly higher than Amazon’s total users.

Flurry’s report notes that, even though iPad activations were significantly lower than Kindle activations on Christmas day, Apple’s overall numbers are so much higher than Amazons that the number of units purchased for holiday gift giving is larger.

“While the magnitude of the Christmas increase is smaller for these manufacturers than for Amazon, their baseline level of activations is so large that even a doubling of daily activations on Christmas (1.9x for Samsung and 2.3x for Apple this year, according to our data) represents a large number of devices.”

Without knowing the official numbers, an example would be if Apple’s average daily sales for the iPad is about 38,000 (14 million divided by 365), that would mean on Christmas day, nearly 50,000 iPads were activated. Based on past analyst information and deductive reasoning, Amazon’s daily Kindle sales is only in the thousands. Assuming Amazon sold five million Kindles in 2013, the Christmas day activation would only be about 13,700.

So, while the Kindle line of tablets is definitely the winner for Christmas gifts, the iPad is still the overall king of the industry.


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