Untethered iOS 7 Jailbreak Now Out but Users Cry Foul Amid Piracy Concerns


There was quite a bit of excitement over the weekend concerning the newly released untethered jailbreak from evad3rs. Simply stated, you can jailbreak your iOS 7 device but there are a lot of users who are upset by the inclusion of an unofficial version of Cydia in  evasi0n7 and an app store called Taig, which provides access to cracked apps. The whole story is becoming clear and it doesn’t seem as bad as it did at first.

I’ve been following Jay Freeman (creator of the Cydia app store) who has a stream of interesting comments on his Twitter feed about the release of the jailbreak and his surprise that it came out before Cydia could be fully tested. It’s not surprising that Twitter is on fire with people asking questions and reporting false information, but what does the evad3rs team have to say about it? An official letter was released on Sunday explaining their side of things and I feel like it certainly helps clear up the core issues.

First, Taig was only installed on devices in China which seemed to be misunderstood from the beginning. Second, Cydia will be updated soon and it’s just going to take a little time. Third, it is reported that Taig signed an agreement that they wouldn’t have any piracy in their store and it has now been remotely deactivated in the installation in China until the situation can be resolved.


The jailbreak team has been posting a lot on their Twitter feed (@pod2g) and between that and Jay Freeman (@saurik) you should be able to keep track of this continuing drama. I would likely hold off on installing until the community at large is able to vet the new version.


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