Infinity Blade III Gets Major Update, On Sale for Half Off Through Christmas [Bug Warning]

Infinity Blade III 2 The third installment of Apple’s favorite game for showing of iPad graphics just got a huge update that features a brand new storyline with three new quests. Plus, the game is on sale for half off through Christmas for those who have not already been immersed in Infinity Blade III. Be warned, however. Based on user comments, there may be a bug when updating that deletes your saved game and items.

Before you run off and update the game, be aware that many users have complained that version 1.2 deleted game progress and in-game currency, including purchased items. ChAIRs FAQ section explains that using a third-party save file management system can sometimes cause games to be deleted. However, if you do not save your game through other means then Infinity Blade III’s in-game cloud system and you still lost your data, you may still be able to get it back.

  1. Delete the Infinity Blade III app from your device.
  2. Reinstall the Infinity Blade III app from iTunes.
  3. Launch the IB3 app.

  4. Ensure Cloud saves are enabled from the IB3 options menu.
  5. Your last Cloud save will be downloaded and used. You may continue your adventures from this point.

It also appears that you might be able to keep your current progress by following one gamer’s suggestion who posted on the ChAIR community forums:

First I updated my 5s to the latest version (7.04)
Next I made sure my game was not on
I downloaded the update via the iTunes App Store via wifi
Once it downloaded I held the home and power buttons to restart the phone
I launched my game through the Game Center once the phone restarted
My save was still intact (unless it was a game device save)
Cloud still doesn’t work but I can access trial mobs (can’t access the new one just yet) – DrizzytheVile

Now, back to the update.

Infinity Blade III 1Infinity Blade III has a new storyline, titled “Ausar Rising.” Players can finally face Ausar the Vile in the epic adventure that awaits them. This journey takes you back to where it all began, to the Dark Citidel. Plus, travel to Siris’ Drem Maw home and the Plains of Koroth.

There are nine new enemies, including a new dragon. Plus, battle for supremacy in the Arena. For the hardcore gamer, you can fight to the ultimate end in Deathless Quests. In this portion of the game, death means death. You will lose your gear if you fail your quests. The only way to get it back is to reclaim it from the enemy who defeated you in the first place.

Infinity Blade III 3The game also now features an in-game chat called MyMob. Players can exchange tips or brag about scores while fighting evil.

In addition to new skills, goals, potions, and gems, players can also collect 60 new items like weapons, shields, magic rings, and more. You can also now master your gear to level 20. Oh, but you’ll have to successfully completed the Deathless Quests five times. Good luck with that one.

Remember, this update appears to have a major bug that deletes saved progress. Proceed with caution.

Infinity Blade III is available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for $2.99 for a limited time. If you haven’t already, download it in the App Store today.

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