Rumor of the Day: iPad Pro to Launch in April 2014, 4K Display Model in October

iPad MaxiA few years ago, rumors began to swirl that Apple was working on a smaller screened tablet. At the time, I scoffed at the possibility. Apple wouldn’t dream of making a small iPad. According to former CEO Steve Jobs, a 7-inch screen would be “dead on arrival” because no one would want it. Jobs was wrong about consumer desire and I was wrong about Apple.

This year, the rumors are beginning to swirl that Apple is working on a larger screened tablet. As the year draws to a close, more bits of information is leaking out and it is causing me to rethink my initial opinion that an iPad “maxi” would be silly because it is nothing more than a MacBook without the keyboard.

Today’s rumor comes from the International Business Times. The finance website is reporting that Apple’s larger-screened tablet may be ready to launch as early as April of 2014. Not only that, but the IBT is also claiming that, by October of 2014, Apple will have a 13-inch tablet with a display resolution that is twice what the iPad Air’s Retina display is.

“According to reports, Apple may be working on a slate that will combine the capabilities of the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. Thus, there is the term “iPad Pro.”

Reports said Apple has been testing a range of iPad models featuring 12.9-inch display. The tech giant will be releasing the device in April 2014 sporting a 2K display. Another model sporting a 4K display will reportedly come in October 2014.”

The 2K display refers to a screen with at least 2,000 horizontal pixels. The iPad Air currently has 2048 x 1,536. The 4K display, just like it sounds, refers to a screen with twice as many horizontal pixels as a 2K display. About a month ago, Korea Times reported that Apple was working on a display screen that has “almost ultra high-definition quality, the upcoming iPad will provide very clear quality similar to that of UHD.”

I am starting to believe that there is a possibility of a larger screened iPad in the pipeline. However, it is hard to imagine Apple having the technological advancement to be ready to produce a 4K UHD resolution display by the end of next year.

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  • observer1959

    I want an iPad Pro that can run a touchscreen version of full blown OSX. Hey I can dream.