Apple Pulls at Customer’s Heartstrings with Latest TV Commercial


I was watching the Voice finals on TV last night and I saw a very cute commercial that starts with a family visiting grandma and grandpa. A young boy seems to be playing on his phone the entire time but it turns out he is making a video of everything going on. It climaxes with him showing the family the final video, which is a surprise to them and by the end everyone is crying. I expected the product tag at the end to showcase Chromecast or some other mobile product but was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be an Apple commercial.

The commercial shows a number of Apple products and features in action, but focuses on family and spending time together. It’s this mix that is sure to have you longing for the holidays and a house full of family.

The iPhone is not the only phone that can shoot video but the new iPhone 5s has a few strengths in this category. The quality looks great, but it’s the new high speed frame rates that are gaining in popularity. In the commercial you can see several shots that take advantage of the amazing looking slow-mo capture. People love this new feature and I’ve had multiple students on campus showing me random videos that they have made in the past few weeks.

Another really great feature/product that Apple showcased in the commercial is Airplay. The boy is able to share the video without any fancy setup or connections, which is why he is able to make such a big impact when he decides to show it. I love my Apple TV because it simply works when I want to show videos.

I think the reason that I liked this commercial so much is because it reminded me of my own family and the feelings I associate with the holidays. Last year around this time I spent a lot of time making videos with my kids using the iMovie Trailer feature. It made it very easy to create a fun video with titles, music, and humor. After each edit the kids would insist that I flip it up to the TV, which was made simple because of Airplay. At the end we gathered the extended family for a special showcase, which was not filled with tears but with laughter and cheers. Here is one of those trailers called The Zombie Horse for your enjoyment:

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