Studies Show Apple iPad and iPhone Top with Consumers and Small/Medium Business

Square Business in a BoxThink back over the year and try to remember how many times you walked into a local shop and saw an iPad on the countertop instead of a traditional cash register. Practically every new business in my neighborhood has chosen to go with iOS as their way of receiving payment for goods and services. According to a report from Intermedia, Apple has dominated the small/medium business (SMB) market across the nation and doesn’t show signs of stopping.

According to research from Intermedia, based on data from nearly 200,000 activations in 2013 that the company collected, Apple accounted for six out of every eight mobile devices activated by small and medium businesses. Android may be leading in smartphone market share, but business owners look to Apple for security and reliability.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are choosing Apple for mobile delivery of their cloud IT services at an incredible rate,” said Michael Gold, president of Intermedia. “Many customers already leverage Intermedia services on smartphones and tablets as the primary front-end for running their business. Samsung and Apple will compete intensely for these business users by driving down prices, extending functionality, and addressing SMB needs like security. This means the ultimate winner will be businesses themselves.”

The report also showed that business owners have largely ignored the iPhone 5c, opting instead for either an older model or the iPhone 5s. In October, the 5s was activated five times as much as the 5c.

Even though Apple dominates the SMB market, Samsung is proving to be a worthy opponent. According to the report, the Korean tech company is the number two device maker for business owners.

Samsung is definitely becoming a thorn in Apple’s side. No wonder the two companies have been suing each other all over the world.


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