‘Paintball Pro’ Splatters into the App Store

Paintball Pro

If you can’t make it out to compete in a paintball tournament this weekend, then perhaps Paintball Pro from Very Nice Studio could be on your list of alternative activities. With all of the hundreds of thousands of apps on the App Store I was a little surprised that there weren’t many other paintball games available, and this really does appear to be the first exciting paintball action game to be released.

The controls are easy and the premise is simple, but don’t think that you’ll be bored. Gameplay is both fast paced and engaging, which means you’ll have hours of fun facing off with your opponents.

This game showcases the strength of using a multitouch interface in gaming and allows you to control your team through simple gestures. It feels like a tower defense game in many ways, except with a very specific set of rules determined by the paintball experience.

Features include:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-learn controls
  • Fully customizable team, including emblems and player skill levels
  • Huge variety of paintball fields – master different terrain and set-ups!
  • Challenging tournaments
  • Real-time tactical paintballing experience – the first of its kind on iPad!
  • Victories earn cash that can be spent on better players
  • Each battle increases your team’s experience level

This five on five battle game is on sale for $0.99 this weekend to celebrate it’s release, after which it will return to its normal price of $2.99. I suggest buying it now while it’s extra cheap and then enjoying a few rounds this afternoon during a lull. Better yet, use it as a warmup for a real paintball game outside.

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