Square Reader Goes on a Diet, Gets Smarter, Too

New Square ReaderRight Now, Square is the biggest name in mobile payment processing. Retailers around the country have switched from the clunky, heavy cash registers of yesteryear in exchange for an iPad and a tiny white dongle. Not only did Square make it easy for retailers to minimize the payment counter, but they also revolutionized the way credit cards are processed. One thing that keeps the company on top is their ever-expanding line of products.

Today, the company announced an update to the Square Reader that makes it thinner (not that it really needed that) and more accurate at reading credit cards.

Square Reader Side ViewI use the Square Reader on a regular basis and the one problem I do have with it is the fact that I usually have to swipe a credit card a few times before it will work. It isn’t a big deal. It only takes a second to re-swipe. However, it would be nice if the reader would get it right the first time.

The newly updated Square Reader promises just that. The redesigned dongle no longer houses a separate battery. Instead, the reader runs off of your device’s power when connected. The plug has also been updated so that Square is now compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices.

Square Reader 2Features of the new Square Reader include:

  • A custom magnetic readhead and spring. Thinner and more accurate than the alternatives, the readhead parses redundant data from credit cards to ensure successful swipes.
  • Custom electronics in a single chip. The reader is powered by the phone into which it is plugged, eliminating the need for a bulky battery and increasing life and reliability.
  • Improved communications protocols and a custom audio plug. The Square Reader is compatible with more devices than ever before
  • The thinnest mobile card reader on the market.

You can get a free Square Reader starting today by signing up for a Square account. Additionally, it will be available in 30,000 retail stores nationwide starting in 2014.


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