Become a Star with the Zya Remix App


Chillingo has released a new app called Zya which puts you in the recording studio with some of today’s biggest hits and lets you remix them on your way to becoming a star. Does it live up to its potential? It might not make you famous, but it sure it fun.

The idea is to earn points and levels by remixing songs. Each time you make a new combination of musicians and song components, you are awarded points which can be used to get more elements. If you want the popular songs then you’ll need to spend $2.99 per song to get the individual remix elements.

I made a short video showing you the basic gameplay:

“Mash-up world-famous songs like Blurred Lines, Hall of Fame, and Poker Face. Just pick your favorite genre of music, lay down a beat, and mix your own vocal melodies into a surefire hit.

Share your masterpieces through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more!”

My favorite part of this app is the ability for a non-musician to get involved with the remix without having any musical skill. The worst part of the app is the tendency for long animated sequences that are cool the first time but quickly grow tedious.

There is no question that this app looks and sounds amazing. It is fun but not challenging. If you don’t pay for the popular songs then you will really miss out, but then again, that is the point and how they are going to make money. Try it out today for free.

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