Amazon WorkSpaces Comes to iPad with Little Fanfare


Amazon’s future delivery-by-drone service isn’t their only service that’s lighter than air: the company is now offering cloud computing to iOS users, namely the iPad.

Amazon’s virtual desktop service, Amazon WorkSpaces, is now available for iOS–though for now, the app is usable only for those with access to the WorkSpaces Limited Preview The service allows iPad users to turn their device into a virtual, cloud-based desktop. This allows for accomplishing a number of tasks through the use of web apps and a Windows desktop UI.

It seems rather ironic for iOS users to do tasks on a virtual Windows desktop–but for many users, Amazon WorkSpaces can prove to be quite convenent. It’s also worth noting that this software has the corporate computing crowd in mind, allowing users to access company files from whichever device is easiest for them via the cloud–without leaving any internal resources on an end-user device.

At the standard package of one virtual CPU and 50 gigabytes of storage costing $35 per month per user, Amazon’s offering is cheaper than other VDI software. Other packages increase storage space and add more pre-installed software, like Microsoft Office.

While the service is in a closed beta, those wanting to try it out can sign up on the Limited Preview waitlist for when space is available.

The service has previously been released for Android via Amazon’s app store. When pushing the Kindle Fire family of devices, why push for iOS next?

TechCrunch muses that Amazon may find iPad users to be an extremely beneficial group of clients for their service, as 94% of Fortune 500 and more than 85% of Global 500 companies are deploying iPads.

[via TechCrunch]


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