Latest FileMaker Release adds Cool New iPad and iPhone Design Features

FileMaker 13 2One of Apple’s offspring (subsidiary) has just announced a major update to its popular productivity app that promises to streamline business, information, and efficiency. FileMaker 13 has been updated with more than 50 new features and the compatible iOS app, FileMaker Go 13, now has a better user interface, popovers, and new iOS keyboards.

FileMaker 13 makes it even faster and easier to create custom tailored business solutions that can be used on the iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac. “With FileMaker 13, any team can quickly create custom solutions that streamline their business processes while minimizing design time,” said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president of marketing and services for FileMaker, Inc. “The FileMaker 13 Platform gives organizations even more options for delivering powerful but easy-to-use solutions, including breakthrough web technology, along with impressive new design tools for iOS and desktops.”

Specifically for the iPad, FileMaker 13 features specific tools that enhance the user’s iOS experience. You can now create layouts and reports that are optimized for iOS with predefined screen dimensions, views, and themes.

Filemaker 13 1Users can create iOS-style popovers that let them group fields, links, and other information without having to move other layouts or windows. Multi-panel slide controls allow you to manage data in separate panels within the same layout.

There are seven new keyboards to match the type of data a user wants to collect, including URL, number, email, phone, and more. The new scanner feature lets you use your iPhone or iPad as a bar code scanner to automatically send data to your stored information.

FileMaker Pro 13 can be purchased for $329. FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced costs $549. The compatible iOS app, FileMaker Go 13, is free to download, but requires the desktop software to connect to.


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