Apple Products Dominate Yahoo’s Top Gadget Searches for 2013

Yahoo 2013 Year in ReviewYahoo has been around long enough to have a fairly healthy database of the average Internet surfer. Each year, the tech company compiles a report on the most popular search terms. From celebrities to food trends, Yahoo has determined which terms have made the grade. This year, Apple’s iPhone 5 made it into the list of top 10 general search terms and multiple products from the company pepper the list of top gadget searches for 2013.

Yahoo’s list of top searches for 2013 include Miley Cyrus (number one), Minecraft (number four), and Justin Bieber (squeaking in at number 10). The iPhone 5 landed in the number nine spot of top searches for 2013. Apple’s flagship smartphone is the only electronic device on the top ten list.

The data includes top obsessions (like Duck Dynasty and twerking), top fashion trends, top news stories, top lyric searches, and more.

In the top gadget/tech related searches category, Apple took five of the top 10 spots with the iPhone (4, 5, 5s, 5c, 6) coming in in at number one. Siri was the third most searched term, under Samsung (Galaxy, S4, S3, Note). The fourth spot went to “iPad cases” while “Apple iPad” took seventh.  The “iPad 5” was number 10 on Yahoo’s top gadget/tech related searches in 2013.

Based on Yahoo’s data, it appears that Apple is still staying relevant in the minds of the Web browsing populace for at least another year.


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