My 2nd Brain Tablet Case for iPad/iPad mini – Gear Review

My-2nd-Brain-Tablet-Black-1Let me start out by stating that I am a bit of a klutz. Well, more than a bit really, and last week my iPad fell out of my bag as I bent down to pick something up. I usually keep it in a case, but on this day, for whatever reason I had left it at home. The screen was completely shattered, so much so that bandaids couldn’t save my fingers from even trying to swipe it on. I’m still a bit devastated…

I have just replaced my departed iPad, and now I’m in the market for a case I certainly won’t be leaving behind. Luckily enough, our friends at Think Tank just sent us their awesome new My 2nd Brain Tablet Case for us to try out. I have been testing this out for only a day, and must say, I am loving this case. Not only does it sport my new iPad, but it has pockets for everything – my iPhone, charging cables, headphones, sketchbook, keys, wallet, and business cards, and its not even close to being full. If you’re like me and want a great case to carry your tablet, and lots of personal goodies around in, please read on.


This case is made of a durable water-resistant 3-ply bond nylon fabric.The zippers are high quality and all edges are reinforced, and I think this case will really hold up to wear and tear. The interior, where it comes into contact with your tablet is lined with velour (which protects from scratches) and the pockets are lined with a closed cell protective foam. The pockets that hold all of your other items are mesh, so you can easily see and get to whatever you need.

My-2nd-Brain-Tablet-Black-5 My-2nd-Brain-Tablet-Black-6

In the front pocket, you can slide an iPad into the zippered padded pocket that also has an organizer for pens and more. Also on the front, you can stash an iPhone in the top pocket which also has a pouch for earbuds or a Bluetooth headset. The middle compartment has mesh and clear zippered pockets to organize and secure adapters and small items. The rear pocket is made to stow documents and conceal the removable padded shoulder strap, which features a clip for full-size headphones. And in keeping with the Apple aesthetic, the entire case is less than 2cm thick.

My-2nd-Brain-Tablet-Mist-Green-10 My-2nd-Brain-Tablet-Harbor-Blue-10

The shoulder strap allows you to carry this as your primary bag. Or, if you’re like me and toting a diaper bag these days, this case won’t take up much space in the bag and will keep your iPad safe (from falls… like mine). Its really the perfect accessory for transporting your device, and looks great too.


What I liked: This case is fabulous- its made of quality, durable materials; is thin and sleek and will hold all of your personal items.
What I didn’t like: Honestly, I’ve not found a flaw. This is a well thought-out and executed design
To buy or not to buy: With the holidays coming, if you have a loved one who has – or is about to receive – a new tablet, this would be a great accessory to accompany it. Great quality, great design – an excellent buy for any tablet owner.


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