Clever iPad Mini Case uses Micro-Suction to Keep your Device Secure

Access case for iPad 1U.K. based accessory maker Nodus has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a newly designed product that uses micro-suction to adhere to the protective covering and make it easy for you to access all of your iPad’s features without being intrusive.

The Access case was developed because the two founders of Nodus were frustrated with cases that impede the functionality and hide the beauty of their electronic devices. The idea was to come up with a protective cover that was little more than a folded bit of material, but that would stick to the gadget.

Access case for iPad 2That’s were micro-suction comes in. There are thousands of tiny suction cups under a rubber pad that, when pressed against a hard, non-porous surface will adhere to it, like a magnet, or double-sided tape. The strong bond keeps the protective cover connected to your device, while the suction cup technology makes it easy to remove the gadget with little effort.

Access case for iPad 4The Access case for iPad is designed to double as a display stand, holding your tablet in the optimum angle for watching movies, browsing the Internet, and more. The soft, microfiber inner lining helps keep your iPad screen clean, The leather outer lining wraps around, creating an inside pocket that doubles as the stand’s base.

The Kickstarter campaign will help fund mass production of the attractive cases. Once the campaign reaches $32,725, production can begin. The company is also trying for a number of stretch goals to add color choices.

Access case for iPad 3The Access case for iPad mini can be preordered for as low as £62 ($102). You can preorder the case for the full sized iPad for as low as £72 ($118). You can also add custom embossing for about $20 more.

The cases are expected to ship in March of 2014. Visit the company’s Kickstarter campaign for more details and to back this project if you’d like your own Access case.

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