Procreate 2 gets Stunning iOS 7 Update and New Image Editing Features

Procreate 2

Procreate won an Apple Design Award in 2013 and its new update brings it once again into the forefront of iPad illustration apps. The question, however, is if adding features and implementing a new design will be enough to compete with apps like Paper with its new hardware stylus and the stylus offerings that will be coming from Adobe.

Procreate 2 really is a great product. The new interface is snappy and elegant, which allows you you to focus on the new filters and adjustments. The new ‘Gallery 2.0’ is one of the best among this type of app and makes accessing files very efficient.

I appreciate that Procreate 2 is a free update to Procreate users. Continued development isn’t cheap but making it a free update rewards the end user and shows that they are confident that sales will continue. The app is $5.99, which is affordable, but I prefer the model that Paper has followed with a free a download and subsequent paid content. People download it without taking a risk and discover that they really like it, which leads to sales.

Playing in a field of Skeuomorphic interfaces, Procreate was one of the few Apps which only indulged in Skeuomorphism when it made sense.

The Procreate website spends a fair amount of time ragging on skeuomorphic design, which is an interesting way to start their sales pitch. Sure, iOS 7 removed much of the old Apple design but calling iOS 6 “tacky” and “cheesy” is perhaps slightly dramatic. I prefer it when developers let their products stand for themselves and get excited about the future instead of being immediately negative about the past.

New features include:

  • Gaussian Blur
  • Sharpen
  • Noise
  • Hue, saturation & brightness
  • Color Balance (Highlights, Midtones, Shadows)
  • Curves (Gamma, Red, Green, Blue)
  • New streamlined gallery
  • Redesigned icon
  • Orientation memory
  • Includes latest SDKs for all styluses
  • Bug fixes and many stability improvements
  • Improved performance

Overall I think Procreate 2 is worth a look. The development team seems passionate about adding new features and improving the available toolset. If you are looking for an illustration app you wont go wrong with Procreate 2.

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