Android Still Playing Catch-up to iOS in the Revenue Department

Android vs iOS

Business Insider published a very interesting chart today that shows the differences in revenue between iOS and Android over five different categories. Some people online would have you believe that Apple has really messed things up recently, but it seems that iOS is still outperforming Android in all five revenue categories.

The ‘chart of the day’ is designed to be a hook to get you to subscribe to advanced data services at Business Insider, but it is still interesting as a stand-alone chart. It doesn’t give you the big picture on changing trends, but even though we know that Android is catching up, they are still only earning $.43 for every dollar that iOS earns for paid downloads / in-app purchases and Android developer revenue per-download is only $.19 for every dollar that iOS earns.

Why is it that Android devices are selling so well and their chunk of the market continues to grow, but iPhones and iPad continue to be so lucrative in comparison? My friend at work is a perfect example of how this is happening. A few weeks ago he brought in his brand new Android phone which was the bottom of the barrel ‘free’ device at his carrier. It’s the kind of phone that mobile carriers essentially pay you to take off their hands and he is so proud of all of the free apps he downloaded this week.

On the other hand I have another friend who dropped her iPhone 4s in favor of the new 5s the minute it was released and then bought a bunch of new apps that are advertised as ‘optimized’ for the new screen. Unless Apple ever releases a truly budget iPhone, it will continue to lose ground in device numbers but I will be surprised on the day that Android devices overtake iOS in the app revenue categories. No matter what, I think having healthy competition is going to make everybody step up their game and we will end up with better phones.


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