‘Dr. Who: Legacy’ Launches this Wednesday on iOS to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who

Doctor Who 1Can you believe that the good Doctor Who has been around for 50 years? Thanks to a bit of creative regeneration technology written into the show, the time traveling adventurer has been reintroduced to the world 11 times. His twelfth regeneration will take place at the end of this year. What I want to know is, after 50 years, why haven’t they cast a female Doctor Who? Women can be doctors… and time travelers… and humanoid aliens.

In a lead up to the regeneration of another Doctor Who actor, BBC Worldwide, in collaboration with Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studio, is launching the mobile game, Doctor Who Legacy on Wednesday, Nov. 27. Fans of the British sci-fi show will be able to play along to episodes from the most recent two seasons of the show. Plus, Season five will launch early next year with more to be expected in the future.

Doctor Who 2There isn’t much information about the upcoming game, but the company’s press release states, “Build a team of your favourite companions and allies drawn from the extensive and illustrious history of the show; face the Doctor’s most notorious enemies; and relive the Doctor’s greatest triumphs.”

Additionally, users will see meticulous attention to details in the Doctor Who universe. Fans will be treated with an exclusive score by video game music composer Chris Huelsbeck, as well as the iconic theme song from Doctor Who.

Doctor Who 3According to the official Facebook page for Doctor Who: Legacy, the game will be free to download. However it is unknown whether it will be available for the iPhone and iPad both. Although, the press release states that it will be available on launch day on “all major mobile platforms.” Hopefully, that means the game will be universal.

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    Susan Cummings here, EP from Tiny Rebel — yes, supports iPhone and iPad both! :)

    • http://www.sacramaniacs.com/ Lory Gil

      Thanks for letting us know Susan. We are all excited about the launch of Doctor Who Legacy here at PadGadget.