Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Finally Available in U.S. App Store for iPad and iPhone

Star Wars Tiny Death Star 5A few weeks ago, we told you about the Australian launch of Disney’s new Star Wars themed time management game, Tiny Death Star. At the time, the game was only available in Australia. We mistakenly thought it would launch in the U.S. the next day. Three excruciatingly long weeks later, it is finally available in the U.S. and it is as adorable as we thought.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star was created by NimbleBits and has a very similar mechanic as Tiny Tower. Players build levels, rent apartments, and hire employees to fill the Death Star, turning a battle station into a thriving tourist destination. Help Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader build the ultimate space station and crush the rebellion.

Star Wars Tiny Death Star 1Star Wars Tiny Death Star 3

In addition to simply building retail and service levels, like “Mon Cala Seafood” and “Watto’s Wares” the underground levels house the Imperial Guard where players must interrogate suspects to find rebel secrets.

The game features a Star Wars themed sound track that isn’t exactly 8-bit, but it certainly has a video game vibe. Listen to the swinging sounds of “Figrin D’an and the Model Nodes,” or sulk to the rhythm of the “Emperor’s March.”

Star Wars Tiny Death Star 4 Star Wars Tiny Death Star 2

As the game progresses, you will unlock familiar Star Wars characters that will populate the Death Star. Completing certain achievements will also unlock funny cinematic scenes. For example, Jar Jar Binks gets crushed by Jabba the Hut in the first unlocked cinematic scene. A certain nod to Star Wars fans’ least favorite character.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.

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