Harman Kardon’s Nova Wireless Speakers Add a Cool Design Touch to your iPad Audio Experience


Harmon Kardon is a fairly respected name in the world of hi-fi audio, but their push has been selling artfully designed speakers that enhance your room with big sound and well crafted design. The Nova speaker set is another example of great sound with a beautiful look.

If you are an iPad owner and you don’t currently have wireless speakers, then this is certainly a great option. There are options which cost less but you’d be compromising audio quality. I bought a wireless speaker for the family last year and it certainly works fine but its design is essentially a brick and is top heavy, which means that it tends to fall over easily. When we use hardware that is small and compact, I have come to believe that its design is just as important as the sound quality. Since you are an iPad owner, I’m sure you understand what I mean.

“Say hello to the next generation of hi-fi,” said Michael Mauser, President

of HARMAN Lifestyle, “and say good-bye to complexity and clutter. We put

serious audio reproduction and staging into a unique sculptural enclosure

that most people will not recognize as a speaker system at all. Harman

Kardon Nova is an object of art that fills your room with great sound.”

At 40 watts of power and a well designed enclosure, this is one product that is sure to provide the audio experience you need. Plus there is a free app that gives you control over streaming your music and can selectively send audio to any Harmon Kardon speaker in your house. This way you can go from cooking in the kitchen to reading in the den and take your music with you effortlessly. It’s smart design.

Features include:

  • Translucent spherical exterior
  • Turbine woofer enclosure
  • Passive bass radiator
  • Performance tuned 2.5” drivers and 1.25” tweeters
  • Harmon Kardon digital signal processing
  • Analog and optical inputs
  • NFC setup with Bluetooth

I personally have kind of a big A/V system at home and I use my Apple TV for streaming music, but the Nova is the type of system I would have in my office for afternoon listening. I really don’t like having the speakers on my iPad on the lower lip and often covered up by my hands, and so I think a wireless option is a terrific idea.


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  • Carrenn

    Hello! padgadget!

    these nova wireless look AWSOME I love this new hifi I can only speak from my experience from HiFi systems. I recently purchase nice hifi system here speakerfreak and I LOVE them. I use these all them mainly for movies, They blow me away .. You have to hear it to understand the submersion factor is incredible!!.. I love it!! I can sync different devices on and off them very easily all at one time, And since they’re wireless I can move them around easily for diifrent effects if I want to game or etc… So yea I really mike this new HiFi Stuff! wouldn’t trade them!!

    Great post SAM!