WritePad 7.0 Continues to Mature as a Serious Handwriting Recognition App

WritePad 7.0

Sometimes I wonder if Apple is staying away from handwriting recognition because of the bad press that the old Apple Newton received. In many ways the iPad is the perfect platform for using handwriting but very few are willing to develop for it.

Apple skipped right over handwriting to the much more impressive voice recognition and dictation features of Siri. For those moments you don’t want to type but can’t effectively use dictation, WritePad offers a handy solution which features handwriting recognition and a variety of other useful tools.

I bought WritePad right after it was released because I was immediately drawn to the idea of using the iPad with handwriting. The biggest issue I had back then and that I still have today is that it isn’t possible to incorporate the features of this app into any of the iOS functionality or into other apps. That being said, I use this app relatively often because I find it more natural to take notes when writing words than when using the very non-tactile virtual keyboard. Even with the inevitable mistakes I make it is still an enjoyable way to write.

Here is a short video demonstrating a couple features of WritePad 7.0 so that you can see it in action and decide if it is right for you.

Version 7.0 brings an updated interface, a snappier experience, and a number of other small enhancements. If you haven’t experienced WritePad, then it is likely worth the $9.99 price tag. If you have a previous version, then this upgrade is a no-brainer. Whether you are taking notes at school, writing short to medium length emails, or simply updating your FaceBook status, then this is a very useful app that offers an alternative to the iOS keyboard.

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