Chillingo Releases Sequel in Popular Anomaly iPad Game Franchise

Anomaly 2 Game

iOS devices are perfect for playing tower defense games and if that sounds like a comment you agree with, then you absolutely have to download Anomaly 2. When Chillingo Ltd wrote that the graphics are jaw dropping, I thought perhaps they were exaggerating a little bit. What I found with the actual gameplay, however, is a very immersive experience with… that’s right, jaw dropping graphics.

What I like most about this game, though, are the efforts made to add meaningful story lines and an online multiplayer mode. What a great sequel to the critically acclaimed Anomaly Warzone Earth.

The game is also available on the Mac App Store and on Steam, which provided some interesting insight into the iOS version. The first comments from early Mac users indicate issues with the mouse movement and display resolution. Neither of these issues play a part with the iOS version because of the multi-touch interface and strict resolution guides. Developing for multiple platforms is not an easy task and my early reaction is that Chillingo made iOS a priority over the Mac version.

Here is a gameplay trailer posted by Chillingo:

Game Features:

  • The highly anticipated sequel to awarding-winning Anomaly: Warzone Earth and Anomaly Korea
  • A massive story-driven campaign with alternate endings to uncover
  • Multiple ways to play with over one million tactical combinations and transforming troops
  • Online multiplayer — tower defense vs. tower offense across five maps
  • Jaw-dropping visuals and presentation powered by Anomaly 2’s new engine

This is a fun game that is challenging but also perfect for the casual gamer. I bet it will look amazing on the new iPad Air, which of course is available tomorrow! So go get yourself a new iPad and celebrate with a great looking new app. You won’t regret it.

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