Prospective iPad Air Buyers can Skip Store Lines with ‘Personal Pickup’ Service

iPad Air

Even though the iPad Mini might be the victim of shortages and delays, it appears that the iPad Air will have plenty of stock. It is rumored that you’ll even have the option to order online and then pick it up in the store. This is not an option which is typically available at a new product launch, which clearly means that Apple is confident that they will have enough iPad Airs to go around.

This news comes from a source that informed of the in-store pickup and certainly nothing on the Apple site contradicts this information. The Apple Store site has the iPad Air connected to the in-store pickup service, but with inventory currently showing as not available.

This is good news for those of you who want a specific iPad Air on opening day but don’t want to go wait all night to get one. I also hope it means that online inventory will not be short, because if I decide to purchase one then I would likely order it online instead of driving to the store.

The other thing I find interesting about this rumor is that it would mean one of the first substantial iOS device releases in recent memory that didn’t have a frustrating delay. The tsunami in Japan delayed products several years ago and now retina displays threaten to delay the iPad Mini.

Either way, the hype is building for the official release of the iPad Air and with Halloween coming up this week, what better excuse do you need to get the new iPad Air. I wonder how many people will be dressing up as iPads on the 31st… if you are, then please let us know and I’ll find a way to post your photos in a future entry.

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  • Brian Davis

    Try prospective rather than perspective!

    • Sam

      good catch, thanks

  • AlainCl

    So what didn’t you change it? It popped up in my daily email with the incorrect word (and it’s still on the site above).

    • Sam

      I don’t actually have access to post or edit. Everything goes through central editors and I requested the change last night, which is now adjusted above. Sorry for such a rookie mistake!