iPad Mini 2 Expected to be in Short Supply due to Component Shortages

iPad Mini

Apple is still keeping the official iPad Mini w/ retina display release date vague by saying “Coming later in November.” This delay is no surprise considering the rumors about supply issues and iSuppli.com is reporting that the Mini will continue to have delays through the beginning of next year. Of course, nothing makes an Apple product cooler than having a limited supply and high demand.

I can’t be the only one wondering why Apple decided to announce the new iPad Mini with supply issues on the horizon, but perhaps they plan on having everything sorted in short order or perhaps with so many other products announced/released this week they thought that a delay in one of them wouldn’t have a big impact. Either way, their efforts to prepare and release so many products is perfectly timed for the holiday rush and will likely pay off.

“With supply of the new Retina mini estimated to come in at one-third or less of Apple’s mini unit shipments in the fourth quarter of 2012, it’s curious that Apple elected to include the product at the same time as the iPad Air,” Alexander said. “The iPad Air is an impressive product in its own right. Faster, lighter, and substantially thinner than earlier generations, the iPad Air provides a long-awaited design refresh of the 9.7-inch iPad. Apple could have split the product launches, as they did in 2012, and introduced the mini in the first quarter of 2014.”

iPad Mini Supply

As I have discussed previously I think I might actually buy a new iPad Mini. It is a very nice device with plenty of power and yet it is still relatively compact. If there are enough of them in November and December then I will likely switch over to it for daily use.

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