ClamCase Unveils Its Slimmest Keyboard Case Yet, Designed for iPad Air

CLAMCASE PRO KEYBOARD CASE FOR IPAD AIRClamCase was one of the first companies to make a keyboard case for the iPad, turning the tablet into a laptop computer of sorts. When the Star Wars inspired “Trooper” was launched, I was first in line to get my hands on one and I loved it. The only problem was the size and weight. Not long after, I started using a more convenient, although less awesome-looking, keyboard case.

Since then, ClamCase has invested in redesigning their keyboard case for those of us looking for something with a little less girth. The company recently unveiled the next version of its iPad-to-laptop conversion case and it is their slimmest and lightest model yet.

The new ClamCase Pro for iPad Air is 25 percent thinner and 45 percent lighter than the previous model. The case features a patented 360-degree rotating hinge so you can flip your iPad around and display it as a stand or angle it for typing.

The case is made from bead blasted aluminum and white polycarbonate for extra durability. The island-style keys are elevated more to give you the feeling of typing on a real laptop keyboard. The improved battery life allows you to type for months before needing to recharge.

The ClamCase Pro for iPad will be available in January 2014. There is no information at this time as to the suggested retail price. However, the current ClamCase Pro sells for $169. Presumably, the iPad Air model will be the same.

Visit the company’s website to sign up for news alerts and to find out when the new ClamCase Pro for iPad Air will go on sale.

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  • Mailavaganan Subramanyam

    i am waiting for this.. when available in india

  • Siôn French

    claim ‘maximum protection’ for your iPad but do not provide any help when their
    tight fitting case and hinge cause the display to crack!

    I suggest before you deploy this case on your iPad be sure to have apple care
    cover to mitigate the cost of a cracked display replacement as it will be more
    expensive than the case that is supposed to provide ‘maximum protection’.

    Buyer beware, or be prepared.

    • Lory Gil

      Thanks for commenting. What model iPad did you use? What model Clam Case caused the crack?

      • Siôn French

        iPad 4 + ClamCase Pro. No probs.