Music Search and Discovery App ‘SoundHound’ gets New iOS 7 Facelift

screen480x480-1The popular music discovery app SoundHound has just been updated with a newly redesigned interface for iOS 7. Additionally, users can now access the new “My Map” feature to visualize your music moments by geographic location.

Although the complete iOS redesign is a huge part of SoundHound’s update, the real darling of Version 5.5 is My Maps. This new feature allows registered users the ability to access a music discovery map that can be filtered by day, week, month, or across all time.

screen480x480-2Registered SoundHound users can now collect and track their own music moments on an interactive map. Similar to the “World Map,” which is available to all users and allows you to see which songs and artists are being seen by all users around the globe, My Map lets you see your personal timeline of music discovery. Registered users can easily toggle between the personal and world map.

screen480x480“iOS 7 has given us the opportunity to both visually and substantively enhance the SoundHound experience,” said Katie McMahon, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for SoundHound Inc. “The release of ‘My Map’ seamlessly enables users to capture and collect the music moments of their lives, akin to how easily we take photos and love photo albums. SoundHound’s most well known features, including fast music recognition, the world’s only sing/hum search capability and LiveLyrics, just got more delightful now that you can fill and keep your personal map with music memories.”

SoundHound is available for free on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

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