Savi Solves the Hassle of Docking your Case Clad iPad or iPhone

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If Steve Jobs had it his way, everyone would be walking around with bare iPhones and iPads. No cases. No covers. Just naked as the day they were put together at Foxconn’s factories. However, most of us invest time and money on the perfect case for our iOS device. Whether it is for protection, or to make our smartphones and tablets uniquely ours, we hide our devices under cover.

You may have found the perfect case for your iOS device, but that also comes with a price. Charging your iPhone or iPad with a third party docking station is all but impossible for certain cases. Sarvi Designs aims to solve that problem with a docking station that can be used with nearly every case. Plus, it is specially designed to allow for one-handed removal.

The Sarvi Dock works with iOS devices using a 30-pin or Lightning connector. You can plug your iPad in and charge it, even if your device is covered with a LifeProof, Otterbox, InCase, Griffin, or other case. The dock features polyurethane pad rails that stick to practically any surface without leaving behind a sticky residue.

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The pads are pressure sensitive. The more pressure applied, the better they will stick. Removal is as easy as twisting the dock.

The Sarvi Dock was also designed to hold most of the weight of your device with the sturdy back support. So, even though your fourth-generation iPad is sitting on the Lighting connector while charging, the docking station takes on much of the weight so that your device won’t be wobbling around while you are tapping the screen.

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The Sarvi Dock is currently available for preorder through Kickstarter. If you pledge early enough, you can preorder one in your choice of colors with your choice of connector kits for only $25. That is nearly half off of the full retail price of $49. For $34, you’ll get your choice of two connector kits, which is ideal for households with multiple generations of devices. For only five dollars more, you can get the Sarvi Dock in your choice of colors with all three connector kits, the 30-pin, the Lightning, and a Samsung micro USB connector.  Estimated shipping is January of 2014.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for images and videos of the Sarvi Dock in action. You can also visit the company’s website to see more examples of cases that are compatible.

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