World’s First Love’n’Run Game is Not What You’d Expect


When Namco Bandai announced their new app Rakoo’s Adventure and called it a “love’n’run” game I immediately assumed it was a dating app or something more sinister. Boy was I wrong. It’s a fun endless running game that has lovable characters and beautiful graphics.

It seems that iOS and touch interfaces have created a world of silly games with ridiculous plot lines. Successful games can’t just have an outlandish theme though because there has to be the appropriate mix of light hearted game play, well crafted design, and a little bit of self aware fun.

Rakoo’s Adventure has all three elements and has the potential to be very popular. The developers come from a strong gaming pedigree and so it’s no surprise that they have created a great game.

The whole story revolves around Rakoo’s search for his true love. He has to navigate challenges, danger, and his own clumsiness to find her. Here are the game’s notable features:

  • An original adventure running game, full of humour and high quality animated cartoon art
  • More than 30 levels to guide the lovable hero through the adventure with a simple single finger gameplay
  • Loads of enemies each with their own special tricks, plus epic boss fights
  • Fun power-ups from the ultra-speed “Hot Spicy” to the “Destructive Mount” for a truly epic ride!
  • Collect rewards and complete tons of achievements to unlock bonus areas
  • Customize your hero with wacky items and helpful pets: adopt a pet to help defeat your enemies!

I definitely recommend this game for its fun and casual gameplay and at $1.99 it isn’t that expensive.

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  • Lory Gil

    Oh, man. This game is too cute!

  • Olivia Gonzalez

    I love this game. This is really a cute game. I have heard about “Ultimate Space Blaster” nowadays. It will be soon available on iTunes.

  • Albertine67

    i just love this game