Top Five New Features We Want to See in the Fifth-Gen iPad

Although nothing official has been announced, it is a matter of weeks, maybe even days, before the first set of tech journalists get their special invitation to Apple’s next event. Of course, there is no proof of what the next generation of iPad and iPad mini will look like, but thanks to a plethora of high-quality leaked images of the supposed new tablets, we have an idea of what to expect. There are a few features that we hope are more than just rumors. A few months ago, we made a list of  things we’d like to see in the new iPad. Now that the reveal is, hopefully, only weeks away, we’ve added some features and removed some others.


Smaller Size

We’ve seen a lot of pictures, and even a detailed video of the supposed iPad 5’s front panel and back casing. If the parts are real, it appears that the full-sized Apple tablet will be slightly smaller, even though the actual screen will remain the exact same size. Thanks to a slimmer bezel, Apple may be able to shave off about a half-inch in the overall width of the larger tablet. Some rumors have even spread that some people can grasp the screen with one hand. I may have to get rid of my favorite iPad case, but it will be worth it for a slimmer tablet size.

A7 ChipA7 Processor Chip

This feature is practically a guarantee. Apple announced the newest system-on-a-chip for the iPhone 5S. Based on all past launches of the iPad other than the first, the iPad always follows the iPhone with the newest chip technology. The A7 processor chip sports 64-bits of color, speed, and capacity. The superfast chip is being called the fastest processor in the world with speeds are twice as fast as the A6 processor chip. It would be a mistake for Apple to launch the next generation of iPad without the A7 chip. This feature would make high quality, full-featured games a breeze on the iPad.

iPad mini Gold 1New Colors

When Apple launched the new iPhone 5s, not only did they add a third gold colored option, but they also changed the white and black models to silver and “Space Gray.” It is highly unlikely that we will see the brightly colored plastic backing that the iPhone 5c sports. However, it is reasonable to assume that Apple will offer the gold option, at least on the iPad mini. We’ve seen pictures and the new color looks pretty good. If Apple does blow us away with a new brightly colored backing, it will only be to cover a remodeled version of the fourth-generation iPad, which will likely go down in price when the new iPad launches.

CameraBetter Camera Technology

Apple announced some amazing new technology in the iPhone 5s’ camera app. It is reasonable to hope that the new iPad will also feature these great features. If the iPhone 5s is an indication of the upgraded technology, the new iPad will have a 15 percent larger image sensor with additional low-light capability in the form of 1.5 microns. Plus, we may finally get a flash. This version may even come with two different colored LED lights. Don’t forget the ability to record in slow motion. The burst mode takes up to 10 frames per second and lets you choose the best one for near perfect action shots.

Sharp IGZONew Display Technology

It hasn’t been talked about for a few months, but IGZO technology was the rumor of the day back in the Spring of 2013. Supposedly, Sharp was working with Apple to add LED backlight and IGZO technology. If this rumor were to actually turn out to be true, it is possible that the more efficient display panel would reduce energy consumption for Apple’s tablet, making it possible to extend the battery life, or use a smaller battery, which would reduce the weight of the iPad.

These are some of the biggest features we’d like to see in the next generation of iPad. What would make you want to upgrade to the new iPad?

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  • HowardBrazee

    I want to see different logon levels, such as “owner”, “parent”, and “guest”.

    • Lory Gil

      That would be a software upgrade. I like that idea. Maybe a future iOS update will have the ability to use different sign ins for security purposes.