iTunes Radio 101, How to Use iTunes Radio on Your iPad

iTunes Radio 5So, iTunes Radio is Apple’s biggest added feature in iOS 7, but have you actually used it yet? Although it isn’t much different than streaming music services like Pandora or Spotify, it comes with a few cool features that might make you want to think about adding it to your list of ways to listen to music.

To access iTunes Radio, open your Music app. The Music app icon is shades of pink and orange and sports a musical note. If this is the first time you’ve opened your Music app since you’ve downloaded iOS 7, chances are, iTunes Radio will be front-and-center giving you the option to start listening. If you are not already in the iTunes Radio section, tap the Radio icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. This will call up the “Start Listening” screen. Tap Start Listening to enter iTunes Radio.

You can pick from Apple’s premade featured stations. Most these stations are curated by Apple’s own iTunes Radio staff. However, some of them are put together by celebrity guest deejays. Featured stations change every few days.

iTunes Radio 2

To create your own station, tap the big plus (+) tab under “My Stations.” You can either browse genres or enter an artist, genre, or song into the search bar.

To browse through various genres, tap one of listed genres, like Alternative, Classical, Hip-hop, and more. When you tap one of the genres, a list of different types of stations within that genre will appear. For example, tap “Hits of the ‘80s” to see a list of different types of music from the 1980s, like Goth, college rock, hair metal, new wave, etc. Tap on a station to begin playing it.

If you want to add a station based on a specific artist, genre, or song, tap the search bar. When you enter the info, a list of possible stations will appear. The stations will appear as Top Hits, Artists, Songs, and Genres. Find the station that fits your mood and tap it.

iTunes Radio 6

When you create new stations, they will be saved in your My Stations section. To remove a station, tap “Edit” on the left side of the screen, next to the My Stations title. When your list of stations appears, tap Edit again in the top left corner of the screen. You can reorganize stations, delete stations, or add new stations in this section.

When iTunes Radio starts playing music, you can access more controls from the album art window. Tap the info icon (i) in the upper center of the screen. A window will pop up allowing you to create a new station from the artist or song. You can also change the way the station aggregates music for you. Switch from “Hits” to “Variety” or “Discovery.” You can turn on or off the Explicit Tracks feature and share your station with others through Facebook, Twitter, email, or text message.

iTunes Radio 8

If you like a particular song that is playing and would like to find out more about the album, tap the menu icon directly to the right of the song’s title. An iTunes store window will pop up that tells you the track listings and includes an editor’s note from Apple’s staff.

You can also read user reviews and find out about related music, like other songs by the artist or music that customers also bought.  To quickly access the iTunes store, tap the dollar amount in the upper right corner of the screen (sometimes, the tab will read “album only”).

iTunes Radio 9

Apple also lets you fine tune your station by giving you the option to play more songs like the one currently playing, never play the current song again, or add the song to your iTunes wish list. Tap the star icon next to the play controls to call up the above-listed options.

You can also access your iTunes Radio controls from Control Center. When you pull up Control Center, pause the song, fast-forward it, adjust the volume, and rate the song.

Siri will also add music to your wish list and rate a song for you. Just open Siri while iTunes Radio is playing and say, “ I like this song,” and your personal assistant will add a star to the song. Tell Siri to add the song to your wish list and it be saved to your list where you can access it from the iTunes store.

Now that you know how to use iTunes Radio, you can start creating, discovering, and listening to music.

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  • LeonardoM

    I cannot see the Radio button, even if i installed iOS 7. Any suggestion?

    • Lory Gil

      What country are you in? If you are in the U.S. Try restarting your iPad. Hold down your Sleep button until you see “Slide to power off.” Swipe your finger across that tab. Then, after your iPad shuts down, Hold down the Sleep and Home button until you see the Apple logo. A restart should fix the missing iTunes Radio icon issue.

  • Jason

    Any idea when iTunes radio will be available in Canada?