Next Generation of Apple Tablets May Get a Camera Upgrade

Apple-iPad-5The camera on the iPad and iPad mini are notoriously bad. Apple has spent a lot of time and energy making the iPhone camera top quality with loads of extra features and technology, but they seem to think that no one uses an iPad to take pictures. Believe me, they do. I see people taking pictures with their iPads all of the time. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple might give the tablet line a better camera in the next refresh.

According to Electronista, Kuo told investors that the iPad and iPad mini may be upgraded to an 8MP camera with the next generation. There is also a chance that the fifth-generation iPad and second-generation iPad mini will be more on par with the iPhone 5s, since they are capable of larger apertures.

This year, Apple updated the iPhone 5s to include an image sensor that is 15 percent larger, allowing for better absorption of light. Based on past evidence, the iPad probably won’t receive that level of attention in the camera department. It is likely that the iPad will get better camera technology, including the fancy sapphire crystal, but there probably won’t be a larger image sensor or even a flash.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t think that iPad users take pictures with their tablets, but we do. Hopefully, the next generation of tablets will at least included the rumored 8MP upgrade. That would be nice.

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  • Mister_Q

    I have mixed feelings about this. The iPad definitely needs a camera upgrade, but I’d rather not be encouraging any more of the twits who stand at the front of concerts, etc. with a super-bright 10″ tablet held up in front of everyone.

    • Lory Gil

      I agree with you there.