Volkswagen uses iPad and Augmented Reality App to Help Service Technicians Repair your Car Faster

MARTA 1Today, Volkswagen and technology development company Metaio announced the launch of a new augmented reality app that will allow mechanics to have direct and immediate knowledge and information of the XL1’s entire engine in order to quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair the car.

According to a press release from Metaio, Volkswagen developed a new display system for service information specifically for the XL1 that will provide information and show what steps need to be taken next for a specific job, including step-by-step instructions, supplemental information, and more.


The new technology developed by Metaio and Volkswagen, Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance (MARTA) system shows real and virtual parts in 3-D in relation to one another. Service technicians can call up a digital repair guide and use the MARTA to help label parts. When MARTA is called up, the system lists the jobs that will need to be performed, along with the tools and equipment needed for the job. The vehicle’s silhoutte is shown in the display of the iPad and shows the orientation in relation to the vehicle that it should be positioned. When the virtual engine and the real engine line up, the next steps will appear with context dependent information shown on the iPad.

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