Martha Stewart Not Happy that Apple Won’t Pick-up and Fix Her Broken iPad

On Wednesday afternoon, probably after a shopping trip to pick up antique buttons and pumpkin carving tools, Martha Stewart dropped her iPad out of her car and shattered the glass display in two corners. Unfortunately for her, Stewart tweeted her woes with an open request to Apple to come over and fix it.

What Stewart failed to realize is that Twitter is filled with heartless, and even downright malicious people, who have been known to threaten rape and murder of those they oppose. They were unsympathetic to her plight.

According to several tweets spanning about a day and a half (via: Huffington Post), Stewart first asked the Twitter-verse if she should call Apple to come pick up her broken iPad, or take it in. The next morning, she followed up with a tweet stating that she is still waiting for an Apple rep to come pick up her iPad.

By early evening the day after her first tweet, Stewart expressed irritation that Apple’s public relations was mad at her for tweeting about how get her iPad fixed. After all, Steve Jobs gave it to her.

In the end, Stewart claimed that she was only joking about having Apple come fix her tablet and wished she could explain it all on Twitter, but according to Stewart, “It is impossible so i will deal with it all silently and hope that apple will fix everything so i can function again with proper tools.”

Stewart has been the butt of a lot of jokes in her career. This is just another in what is most likely not the last. Frankly, I don’t think she said anything wrong. She is just too famous to get away with her ignorance. My mom probably would have wondered the same thing if she had a broken iPad. She would have called me on the phone and asked me how to get an Apple technician out to her house. The difference is that my mom doesn’t have two million followers on Twitter.

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  • Michael33704

    Get off your ass like everyone else Martha and take it to the Apple Store yourself!