iOS 7 Adoption Rate Hits 18% of all iPads and iPhones in First 24 Hours

iOS 7

On Wednesday Apple launched iOS 7 and according to a report by it has surpassed the rate of adoption set by iOS 6 last year. After just 24 hours iOS 7 was running on 18% of all iOS devices.

Data was collected by analyzing a pool of 1 million online ad impressions on September 18 – 19. In the graph above you can see the rate of adoption which happened faster and went further than iOS 6 in the same period when it was released.

On Wednesday my wife, who is a middle school teacher, was having internet troubles at school. When trying to play a video YouTube in class it kept on crashing and several other teachers also had similar issues. During one class a student told her that she should check out the new iOS 7 which they were downloading. A lightbulb clicked on as she realized what the source of the internet problem was, which was confirmed by asking how many students were trying to download the update.

There were approximately 4-5 students in every class and it was enough to bring the school’s internet to grinding halt. It would be interesting to see the correlation between internet improvements at businesses / education facilities and the download rate improvements year after year. Are more people attempting to update or are more simply successful? Or both?

iOS 7 vs iOS 6

With each iteration of iOS and OSX Apple has to plan very carefully to increase efficiency and keep things running as reliably as possible. There is a reason that Mavericks wasn’t released at the same time as iOS 7 even though many features in iOS are designed to be paired with it. We’ll be sure to publish more information as data is continuously collected about adoption rates.


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  • Mister_Q

    This was the third major iOS I’ve done on my iPad2 and it’s the first that completed successfully first time without having to restore all my data from a backup. So that’s good! Not so good is that now I have iOS7 … :P