Rumor of the Day: iPad 5 Event to be Held on Oct. 15


Last week, when Apple held its special event, some of us were still holding out hope that the new iPad models would be announced. Of course, Apple didn’t fail to disappoint us. There wasn’t even a mention of tablet in their keynote address. With all of the leaked images and rumors flying around about a fifth-generation iPad and second-generation iPad mini, the actual announcement is imminent. Today, French-based MacGeneration is reporting that Apple will host the iPad event on October 15. I’m just not sure I can wait that long.

According to MacGeneration, Apple will hold a new special event on Oct. 15 where the company will “present the new iPad.” This bit of information makes sense. Apple held an iPhone event in September of 2012, and a month later held the iPad mini event where the third-generation iPad was also prematurely put out to pasture, having been replaced by a faster processor chip.

If Apple’s past has anything to do with what will take place this year, it is more likely that the company will send an announcement on or around Oct. 15 for an event that will likely take place around Oct. 22, at which time, Apple will demonstrate the new models of iPad and tell us that we have to wait a two more weeks before actually being able to hold the tablet in our hands.

Apple’s newest version of the iPad and iPad mini are all but announced. Based on how the iPhone 5s and 5c turned out, the rumors about Apple’s new products are proving to be true. We have seen lots of images of the next-generation of iPad and iPad mini and have a basic idea of what it will feature. Thanks to the iPhone event last week, it is likely that the new tablets will feature Touch ID, Sapphires crystals in the iSight camera, and the A7X chip (the tablet version of the A7 processor).

What we probably won’t see is a gold-colored iPad or a selection of plastic-backed colorful remodels of the fourth-generation tablet.

I wish Apple would just throw all of its tradition out of the window and simply announce the new iPad launch in a press release as being ready for sale next Friday. I’m tired of waiting.

[Via: CultofMac]

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