Chipotle Mexican Grill Focuses on Sustainable Food Sources with New App ‘Scarecrow’


I’m writing today from an extremely wet Denver where it hasn’t stopped raining for two days. There are floods all over the state and it has been a scary day so far for a lot of people. Denver isn’t known for this type of weather but the people here are resilient and they will make it through.

Under the circumstances it is somewhat appropriate to highlight the new app from Chipotle Mexican Grill, which is a food chain that started in Denver some twenty years ago. The app is a game called The Scarecrow and is game with a message about the sources of our food.

“The more people learn about where their food comes from and how it is prepared, the more likely they are to seek out high-quality, classically prepared food like we serve in our restaurants,” said Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing officer at Chipotle. “We created ‘The Scarecrow’ game and film as an entertaining and engaging way to help people better understand the difference between processed food and the real thing.”

The game is made in partnership with award winning Moonbot Studios and is both beautiful looking and beautiful sounding. The primary song featured in the game is “Pure Imagination” from the 1971 film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

For a short time you can actually receive food awards at Chipotle restaurants by earning at least 3 stars in each level of the game.

“In many ways, ‘The Scarecrow,’ represents what we aspire to accomplish through our vision of Food With Integrity,” said Crumpacker. “In a system that is so heavily dominated by industrial agriculture and factory farms, we are committed to finding better, more sustainable sources for all of the ingredients we use and to helping build a better food system, much the same as the character in ‘The Scarecrow’ is taking important steps to fix what he perceives as being broken in his world.”

So on a day where Denver is under water and the rain keeps on coming, I am going to download this free game and pass the time helping the Scarecrow on his search for better food.


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  • arcadiamom

    I cannot fi nd this app anywhere???

    • Lory Gil

      Search for “The Scarecrow” or “Chipotle Scarecrow” in the App Store.

      • arcadiamom