PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Tether Your iPhone to your iPad

Personal Hotspot MainIt is time for another installment of our weekly how-to guide. Even if you think you are an expert with the iPad, you might still not know about some things that are part of the basics of the Apple tablet. Each week, we tell you about simple tips and tricks to help you understand your iPad better. Last week, we gave you some tips on how to edit a picture by using the native Photos app. All it takes is a couple of quick taps to turn a nice picture into a stunning photo.

This week, we are going to tell you how to tether your iPad to your iPhone. More iPad users own a Wi-Fi only model than own a Wi-Fi +Cellular model, and you don’t always have free Wi-Fi when you need to use your iPad. We’ll show you how to make your iPhone a personal hotspot for connecting your iPad to the Internet.

A personal hotspot is like a centralized Wi-Fi connection that has a very small radius. When you turn on a hotspot, everyone nearby that has your private password will be able to use it to log onto the Internet.

If your Internet Provider allows it, you can set up a personal hotspot anytime and tether your iPhone 4 or higher to your third-generation iPad or higher. AT&T and Verizon require a $20 per month charge to enable the Personal Hotspot feature.

On your iPhone, go to your Settings app and select “General” and then “Cellular.”

Personal Hotspot

Scroll down until you see the “Personal Hotspot” tab. Then, toggle the switch to the “On” position. Once your hotspot is on, others can access your available data by entering your Wi-Fi password.

On your iPad, go to your Settings app and select “Wi-Fi.” Then, select the name of your iPhone (IE, Lory’s iPhone) from the list of available networks. Then, enter the Wi-Fi password of the iPhone.

You can also tether your iPhone to your iPad using Bluetooth. This feature is available for any iOS device running version 4.3 or higher. In the Settings app, select General and then “Bluetooth” and select the iPhone hotspot from the list of available Bluetooth Devices. When the six-digit PIN code confirmation appears, double check that the number on the iPhone matches the number on the iPad and then tap the “Pair” button. Once connected, your iPad will be Internet capable.

Personal hotspot 2

To disconnect your personal hotspot, just go back to your Settings app, select General, then Cellular, and toggle the switch to the “Off” position.

If you use an iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular, you can use it as a Personal Hotspot for other devices, like your laptop computer, the same way as you would by using your iPhone. Just follow the instructions above.

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  • keirmeister

    I refuse, on general principle, to pay AT&T $20/month just for the ability to use data that I’m already paying for. It’s absolutely absurd.

    Buy a pay-as-you-go MiFi hotspot and be done with it.