New M7 Motion Coprocessor Unifies iPhone Features

m7 chip

The new iPhone 5S looks pretty amazing and includes a powerful new way for developers to work with data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. The M7 chip continuously measures movement and makes the data available to apps.

Nike announced a new app called Nike+ Move, which is the successor to Nike+ and showcases the power of the new CoreMotion API and the power of what Apple is calling  “Optimizations based on contextual awareness.”

For a portable device such as the iPhone this new feature makes a lot of sense and it is something that users who use the phone with health and fitness apps will see an immediate boost.

The M7 chip may make its way into future iPads but it is not as obviously useful because the iPad is not a device that is used as often for purposes which involve movement. We’ll see what Apple has in store for other devices.

The most interesting aspect of the M7 chip is the contextual awareness capability. It can tell if you are walking, driving, or stationary. This would be very useful on an app like Nike+ because it could automatically tell if you are running or riding your bike. I’ll be interested to see the full range of apps that use this new chip.

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