Apple Begins Nationwide iPhone Trade-in Program Today – Will the iPad be Next?

ipadrefurbAs it gets closer to the purported big event where Apple will announce the next generation of iPhone, the company has officially launched a trade-in program that will allow customers to bring in their old model in exchange for a new one. This begs the question of whether Apple will offer the same incentive to entice iPad users to trade in their old devices as well.

According to AppleInsider, Apple has confirmed that it has begun rolling out the trade-in program nationwide starting today. Customers can bring in their current iPhones today in exchange for store credit for a new model. CNBC confirmed in a tweet that customers must leave the store with a new contract in order to take part in the trade-in program.

All this talk about iPhones makes me wonder what Apple has in store for its line of tablets. We’ve all heard the rumor that the Sept. 10 event will not include a new iPad announcement, so it seems reasonable that the company would not be ready to roll out a tablet trade in program just yet. But will they ever?

Even though the two devices are very different in nature, it would be a smart move on Apple’s part to offer a trade in value for upgrading an old iPad for a new one. There are still a lot of people trying to keep up to date on Apple’s iOS ecosystem with their three-year-old first-generation iPad. At this point, many apps and games don’t even support the OG tablet anymore.

A great way to convince early adopters of the iPad to switch to a better device would be to make it easy and painless for them to hand over their old iPad and use the store credit to purchase a flashy, new iOS 7-supporting version.

Hopefully, the success of the iPhone trade-in program will be motivation for Apple to do the same with the iPad over the next few weeks.

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