Apple Adds Video Streaming to Updated iPad and iPhone iTunes Festival App


It’s that time of year when I am glad I own an Apple TV because the iTunes Festival is about to begin! With 30 nights of free music and some of the hottest acts performing, it’s hard to go wrong.

Apple is getting ready with a last minute update to it’s iOS app which adds streaming capabilities. With only hours to go before the shows start and based on previous years’ experiences, it’s expected that everything will go off without a hitch.

The groups I am especially excited for are Avicii, Sigur Rós, The Lumineers, and JT. I don’t care for some of the bigger stars but I understand why iTunes is featuring them. Lady Gaga is the opening act on Sunday September 1st and Katy Perry is the closing act on September 30th. The mix of artists in between is eclectic with old-timers like Elton John, ‘Italian alt-classical musician’ Ludovico Einaudi, and various indie and pop groups from all over the place. There is something for everyone.

I did notice that Robin Thicke is scheduled for the 24th and I might tune in just to see if he can further perpetuate the drama which started at the VMAs with Hannah Montana… I mean Miley Cyrus. I have very little interest in additional twerking, but perhaps there is something in store. I somehow doubt that there will be any such excitement given Apple’s propensity for tame entertainment, but you never know.

The entire month of music is free and accessible through iOS mobile and Apple TV apps. If Apple follows the same model as last year then most of the shows will be available after the live performance on an on-demand basis for a period of time. If my memory is correct they stayed live for at least a month afterwards.

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