Apple Buys Swedish Startup to Improve Battery and Media Streaming in iPads and iPhones

flower_tiledApple is constantly working to improve its products. One area that is always being improved upon is battery life. Another is speed and performance. Today, TechCrunch reported that Apple purchased a Swedish startup company that has the ability to improve both issues on mobile devices.

According to Swedish news source Rapidus, and confirmed by TechCrunch, Apple purchased AlgoTrim, a small company that builds codecs and designs solutions for increasing performance of data, mobile imaging, video, and computer graphics while keeping memory requirements to a minimum.

AlgoTrim works with data compression. One recent project that the company worked on was for a photo processing app. AlgoTrim was able to improve the JPEG processing time of images up to six times faster than traditional processing technology. Their claim to fame is their signature Code Compressing Library, which reduces the size of mobile device firmware and has been used in devices since 2006.

These days, the company promises to deliver imaging solutions that bring “modern computational photography” to mobile devices. This could potentially be a huge benefit to Apple in the iPhone and iPad camera department. The technology that AlgoTrim has developed could be used to maximize performance in Apple’s mobile devices by making it possible to streamline incoming data while minimizing memory requirements, thus reducing battery consumption.

Neither AlgoTrim or Apple confirmed the acquisition, but the following statement was sent to TechCrunch:

“Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”


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