More Than a Dozen High-Quality Images of Next Gen iPad mini

照片8.24-005As the purported Apple event crawls closer, more rumors and supposed image leaks are appearing on the Internet on a regular basis. Today, Apple rumor reporter Sonny Dickson has released 20 images of what appears to be the back casing of the next generation iPad mini.

Dickson has posted the largest amount of images of the supposed second-generation iPad mini that has yet to appear online. The high-quality images show close-ups of every side and corner of the smaller-sized tablet.

It doesn’t appear that next-generation of iPad mini will be much different than its predecessor. The main difference is the embedded Apple logo. A few weeks ago, we told you about a leaked image that was supposedly the back cover of the iPad mini. Instead of the traditional printed logo on the back of the tablet, the iconic apple will be embedded into the casing.


Most of the images show the case with a silver embedded logo, which is different than the earlier images leaks we’ve seen. However, there is one image with the black logo, which might imply that the black iPad mini will feature the black logo on a silver back and the white model will feature a silver back with the silver logo.


I’ve mentioned before that I prefer the possibility of a black-backed iPad that looks similar to the iPhone 5. I think the style is much better and still hold out hope that the next generation iPad and iPad mini will sport that design instead.

Check out all 20 pictures of the supposed back casing of the next generation of iPad mini at Sonny Dickson’s website.

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  • araczynski

    can’t say i’ve ever cared about the front/back, since every ipad/ipod/iphone i ever see are clad in cases…and the others are either all scratched up or cracked.

    i’d love me a 256gb ipad though :)