Wacom’s New Intuous Creative Stylus Packs 2048 Levels of Sensitivity into an iPad Stylus


I use a stylus with my iPad. I draw with it, write with it, and it keeps my screen cleaner. I am always on the lookout for a better stylus, but simply doing more (with a higher price tag) isn’t what I consider to be a great stylus. I have used expensive ones and cheap ones, with my current stylus being a relatively inexpensive workhorse from Griffin that works well and moves smoothly across the screen. It’s a good stylus.

The only draw back that I consider worth paying to overcome is sensitivity. A cheap stylus doesn’t do anything with pressure and so it is difficult to get the perfect ‘light’ brush stroke. Some apps use speed to adjust the stroke but that changes the whole way you draw. That’s why a release from Wacom (I have one of their stylus kits for my desktop from a few years ago) has caught my attention.

Next month Wacom is releasing a product called the Intuos Creative Stylus which claims to feel like writing on paper with an ergonomic body design. The stylus is capable of 2048 pressure levels and is compatible with a number of apps, including Wacom’s Bamboo Paper and Autodesk Sketchbook. Apps have to incorporate the output of the Intuos in their design and so you should double check compatibility with your favorite apps before buying. Bamboo Paper has been updated with full compatibility and with some other additional features as well.

“iPad users are often on the lookout for new and improved tools that can offer an authentic experience,” says Hartmut Woerrlein, head of Global Product Management at Wacom. “We’ve had lots of customer requests for a pen solution that adapts pressure-sensitivity to the iPad, as this is something they’re used to when working with our pen tablets. It’s also a great thing that Wacom offers an iPad app that is fully compatible with our new Creative Stylus. As the pioneer in pen technology, we’ve used our extensive experience to develop the Intuos Creative Stylus and we’re excited to see what artists achieve with it.”

The Intuos uses a AAAA battery and is compatible with the iPad 3, iPad 4, and mini. At $99 it will be the most expensive stylus at Best Buy, where the Intuos will be available in early October. I think it may be time to invest in a new stylus and should I buy it, I will make sure to post a review.

[via Wacom]

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  • chickeninabiskit

    It’s cool, but it’s not as precise as the Jot Touch 4, and it’s cheaper.

    • Sam

      I do like that the Jot Touch is rechargeable too! Thanks for the comment.