New Leaked iPad 5 and iPad Mini Photos Reveal Thinner Design

Coque-iPad5With less than a month before the supposed Apple product event that is rumored to take place on Sept. 10, we are seeing more and more leaked images of the next generation of iPad. NoWhereElse has been the most prolific with their finds. Recently, the French tech blog released two new pictures of what is purportedly the back casing of Apple’s fifth-generation tablet.

As has been reported for months now, the case of the iPad 5 looks nearly identical to that of the iPad mini. In fact, the images show the shell next to an iPad mini casing and there is no way of determining whether the smaller shell is that of the second-generation or first generation of 7.9-inch tablet.

The fifth-generation case shows the Lightning connector port, two speakers side-by-side in the middle of the device (unlike the current iPad, which has the speaker positioned in the corner), and the rumored embedded Apple logo. However, the iPad mini in the image does not feature the embedded logo, which points to the possibility that it is actually the first generation model and is just being used as a comparison.


The fifth-generation iPad and second-generation iPad mini are likely to launch within the next few months. According to analyst predictions, the Sept. 10 iPhone event will not include the launch of Apple’s line of tablets, but there will be a second event held a few weeks later to announce the next generation of iPad. Either way, the new models will hopefully be on store shelves sometime in the middle of October.

In the words of Steve from NoWhereElse:

“These new pictures do not tell us anything we did not already know, but confirm for the umpteenth time the rumors that have kept us in suspense since the beginning of the year.”

[Via: MacRumors]

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  • Apeshit4565

    Lol. They sold you a 1st gen iPad mini back case. The 2nd gen has an embedded apple logo. The one you have has a polished apple logo.