Apple Embraces Gold – New iPhone to get ‘Champagne’ Treatment, Will iPad Follow?

gold-iphoneRecently, there have been rumors floating around that Apple is planning on releasing a “gold” or “champagne” colored iPhone with the next version, dubbed iPhone 5S. Rene Ritchie of iMore wrote an interesting argument for the luxury model on Friday and followed up with an update, which pointed out a number of other sources that are claiming the gold iPhone is real. Today, AllThingsD is reporting that the rumors are true based on insider information they have.

According to AllThingsD, Apple will soon offer the next generation of iPhone in a gold tone as well. The color was described to AllThingsD as having “an elegant gold tone… think champagne, not ingot.” Although still not officially from the mouths of the iPhone’s creator, AlllThingsD comes with an air of legitimacy. Which leads us to wonder if Apple will offer the same new color on the iPad?

Rumor has it that the fifth-generation iPad will look just like the iPad mini, which we all know looks a lot like the iPhone 5. It is obvious that Apple is chiseling down each device to look more like the rest of the line of mobile products. Not only on the outside, but the inside, as well. If the company has plans to launch a gold iPhone, it stands to reason they’ve got a gold iPad hiding somewhere out there, too.

The new look could easily work on the large tablet casing. It would use the same anodized technology as what is currently used for the black iPhone and iPad mini backing. If they can make a gold iPhone, they can make a gold iPad.


The purported gold iPhone will basically look like the white iPhone with silver anodized backing. However, it will have the subtle yellow hue instead. We have only seen mockups of this description. There are no “leaked images” that can be viewed with any kind of legitimacy. The mockups look great and make it seem possible that Apple will follow through with the new look. There have been reports out over the weekend showing that gold is a popular look in China right now and it is likely that Apple is hoping to generate excitement in the country with the new look. If that is true, it is possible that we will also see the gold iPad, since Apple’s tablet is also very popular in China.

I have to say that, even though the mockups show a pretty good-looking iPhone, I’m still skeptical that Apple will offer a gold colored device. It seems too drastic a change. Would you buy a gold-colored iPad if it looked like the iPhone mockup?

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