New Report Shows iPads are for Staying in, iPhones are for Stepping Out.

iPad Use UnexpectedFlurry Analytics recently released a report that showed some interesting activities from iOS users. The researchers gave persona’s to their data and used the information they gathered to determine the type of person who uses iPhones and iPads and how they use their devices.

The information is separated by iOS devices, so there will oftentimes be overlap for users that have both. For example, I have an iPhone and iPad, but that doesn’t mean I stay at home gaming and teaching kids how to read. It also doesn’t mean I go out on the town every Friday night either. The information is based on activities of users, but is not an in-depth personality report.

From the report, Flurry was able to determine that, of the 44,295 iOS users (not including iPod touch), prefer iPhone to iPad by approximately 70 percent. Some data shows that iPhones are used for outdoor activities, like exercising, socializing, and shopping. The iPad tends to be kept at home for such things as teaching little ones how to read or sitting down for a long gaming session.

The report shows that “iPad is for learning and playing” while the iPhone is used more for navigation. For example, iOS users tend to rely more on their iPhones for activities such as getting directions, tracking their exercise routine, and taking pictures.

While the 70 percent of iPhone owners tend to use their device for just about everything, iPads are more likely to be used for education, news, games, and reference apps.

Flurry Categories

Flurry’s report also showed when users are most active with their iPhones and iPads. The iPad tends to be used more in the evenings, between 6:00 and 11:00 P.M., while the iPhone is used more than the iPad late at night, between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. That is not to say that iPhone use peaks at 2:00 a.m., but around that time iPad use drops below iPhone use. “This may be insomniacs reaching for phones at their bedside or those Singles and Hip Urban Lifestylers finding their way home from a late night.”


Flurry’s report can’t take into account what iOS users that own both an iPhone and iPad are like, but you can gather some information from the report as to the persona of dual iOS gadget owners. For example, I fit into the categories of Small Business Owner, Casual Simulation Gamer, and Pet Owner, which is reflected in the iPad use categories. However, I also fit into the categories of Tech Gadget Enthusiasts, Music Lover, and Photo and Video Enthusiasts.

What is your iOS persona? What would your iPad say about your daily activities?

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