Timeline WW1 and Civil War March Into the App Store

timelineHistory buffs will probably remember the informative interactive app Timeline World War II, which launched in the App Store nearly two years ago. The same company recently launched two more war stories that are packed with detailed information on daily battles of the Civil War and the first World War.

Similar to Timeline WWII, both Civil War and WWI include commentary from noted historians, first hand accounts of key battles and what life was like on the battlefield, and stunning images dating back to the earliest days of photography.

There are interactive maps with hundreds of battle’s identified in the different regions of the war. Selecting a location will bring up images, written entries, and more to bring you an unprecedented account of the wars of the US’s history.

Timeline 3

Key features on Timeline Civil War include:

  • A unique interactive timeline that allows the exploration of more than 1600 items;
  • Search and filter the app to explore the events and themes that interest you, including: “Faces of the War,” “Peninsular Campaign” “Land Tactics,” “Abraham Lincoln’s Story”;
  • Commentaries from leading historians, including:
  • Professor Ira Berlin (University of Maryland)
  • Professor Jane Shultz (Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis);
  • Extracts from diaries, memoirs, and newspapers illuminating everyday life on the battlefield and the home front.
  • ‘This day in history’ – find out the events happening on today’s date in the civil war.
  • Over 40 commentaries on themes and events in the Civil War including Military, Politics, Women and Medicine, and Slavery and the African American Experience
  • Themes cover the key areas of the High School and Middle School curriculum;
  • Explore the events in each state using the map and timeline features, through state and territory summaries, photographs, and historic maps;
  • Recordings and sheet music for songs and spirituals from the Civil War era bring the culture of the period to life;

Timeline 2

Key features on Timeline World War I include:

  • More than 100 WWI British Pathé and US newsreels from the declaration of war to the Battle of the Somme and the celebrations that accompanied the final armistice in 1918;
  • Diary extracts and first-hand accounts from generals and priests, airmen and sailors giving personal insight into key events of the war;
  • An interactive map that allows users to search and locate information on countries and battles across the globe, and shows the location of the events on the timeline;

Timeline WWI is available for $9.99. There is also a lite version, which includes the first two months of the war.

Timeline Civil War is available for $5.99. Timeline WWII is available for $9.99. Download them in the App Store today for a full immersion into history’s greatest wars.

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