Sequel to Popular iPad Game ‘Joining Hands’ Set for this Month

Joining Hands 2

It’s a breath of fresh air when a family friendly game is released and certainly a follow up to Joining Hands is something that is anticipated in my family. I certainly don’t mind it when my older kids play games like Infinity Blade or Minecraft, but I am always on the hunt for games that they enjoy which are both fun and clean.

This sequel is scheduled for release this month and promises more of the same puzzles as in the original version but with a number of enhancements and expansions. The game is made by 10tons Ltd., who also have released Sparkle 2, Azkend HD, and 21 other iPad games.

“The original Joining Hands is pure polished puzzle fun for all ages. The game rules are easy to learn but also offer some nice challenges later on. With Joining Hands 2, we set out to enhance the experience in every way, and I’m very happy how it turned out.” says Tero Alatalo, CEO of 10tons Ltd.

The game play is centered around creatures called peablin creatures and arranging a variety of them into carious positions so that they can all hold hands. Basic features include:

  • More than 140 increasingly challenging puzzles
  • Relaxing fun for all ages: no violence, no time limits
  • Hint system keeps every player going even in tight spots
  • Eight kinds of peablins, each with distinct rule variations
  • Joyful graphics and soundtrack

It also appears that Joining Hands 2 will be released only on iOS for the time being and then expanded to other platforms.

When the game is officially released you’ll definitely want to check it out, if not just for it’s fun gameplay then also for its creative design and audio/visual experience.


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  • Olivia Gonzalez

    Nice game really. I like its friendly environment. I love this game. Thank you.