Netflix Begins Rolling Out User Profiles to Apple TV Owners

Netflix on iPadAbout six weeks ago, Netflix announced that users would soon be able to set individual profiles for multiple users under the same account. The new service, scheduled for launch in late August, will be made available on a variety of different devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Apple TV. According to 9to5Mac, the profile option has started to show up on Apple TV.

The user profile allows subscribers to create individual accounts that track recently viewed movies and TV show, lets you rate media separately, and offers parental controls for children’s accounts.

At this time, the Apple TV Netflix profiles cannot be edited or added and selecting one will exit the profile interfaces. The service is still in beta and we won’t be seeing a full launch until August. Netflix says that subscribers will eventually have the ability to personalize profiles on the Web that will transfer to Apple TV, as well as the iPad and other devices.

Netflix on Apple TV

This feature is fantastic. Gone are the days of having foreign art house film recommendations when you are looking for a romantic comedy, or seeing a long list of Disney movies when you are in the mood for a good old-fashioned horror flick. Now, you can have a completely different user profile with recommendations based on movies and TV shows you watch, instead of what your kids, roommate, or husband watches.

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