Apple’s iPad Mini Dilemma – Retina Display In or Out?

iPad mini 3As time passes, the days grow shorter and our desire for new Apple products grows. We are fairly certain that a fifth-generation 9.7-inch screen will be in our hands sometime this fall. However, reports have been mixed about an iPad mini upgrade. Some reports say that an iPad mini with Retina display will launch alongside its big brother this fall. Other reports say that the device won’t be on store shelves until 2014. There was even a rumor early this year that the second-generation iPad mini would launch in June.

Will they or won’t they? It is like watching Ross and Rachel all over again. Rumors regularly abound when it comes to product launches, but this back–and-fourth reporting is getting out of hand.

A few weeks ago, MacRumors rounded up various claims that Apple would launch a non-Retinal iPad mini this fall with a Retina display version in 2014. That same report mentioned a Retina screen iPad mini shipping by November at the latest.

Tech blog uSwitch recently claimed that Apple fired AU Optronics after it took too long for the supplier to make good on deliveries of the current 7.9-inch tablet, adding more work for LG and Sharp to deliver screens for the second-generation iPad mini. According to their information, the iPad mini 2 is “widely expected to come in two variations: one with a Retina display and one without.”

Just yesterday, DigiTimes reported that Apple is having an “internal debate” over whether to use Retina display technology in the iPad mini at all. Supposedly, Apple is worried about cannibalizing sales of the fifth-generation iPad this fall.

A delayed launch of the Retina display sporting iPad mini 2 has been talked about before. Apple supposedly has a strategy in mind to layer the launch dates with the full screen iPad expected in the early fall and the iPad mini launch just before the Christmas shopping season.

I’d be more inclined to believe that Apple would layer their launch dates throughout the fall. It is difficult to swallow the idea that the company would launch an upgrade of the second-generation iPad mini without a Retina display a few months before releasing one that does. That just seems silly.


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  • Oscar

    As silly as the ‘The new iPad’ vs ‘iPad with retina display’ case?