Report: iPad now Makes up 84% of Tablet Web Traffic

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iPad usage continues to grow and according to Chitika Insight’s most recent study, the iPad represents 84.3% of tablet traffic on the web. This amount is almost 2% up from the previous month of May which ranked the iPad at 82.4% and 3% from April at 81.3%.

This doesn’t bode well for 2nd and 3rd places for the Kindle and Samsung tablets. All other tablets each came in at under 2% making the iPad the dominant leader in a diverse field of tablets.

When I was at the mall yesterday (this is a true story) I wanted to check something out in the Apple store and found it much too busy. Walking around the mall I saw the new Microsoft store and stopped in and had the run of the place. There were perhaps 3 other people there. Their store is impressive and I like some of their products but they just don’t have the same draw right now.

Until another company can recreate the intangibles that Apple has going on, there just isn’t going to be a competition in the tablet market. Until companies like Microsoft figures it out, they are going to keep losing money just as they recently announced to the tune of $900 Million.

With iPads living at 84.3%, this leaves 13 other groups to fill the remaining 15%. The only notable good news for the competition is that Nook traffic increased by .3% while all others either plateaued or decreased. Several models are expected to to change the tablet dynamics but it is unlikely that any will immediately be able to compete with the iPad.

This data was collected by tracking the number of tablets that viewed Chitika online ads by tens of millions of users in North America. This is not based on actual sales of devices or shipments, but those statistics also point to a clear dominance of Apple in the tablet arena.

[via Chitika]


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  • Captain ZADL

    So that means Android’s winning, right?

  • Thomas Pumphrey

    Do you think this might be skewed somewhat since many of the windows tablets run full windows 8 or RT which don’t register as tablets to web browsers?